Unforgettable holiday nature of Saaremaa
Best place to relax
Activity: fishing, hunting, hiking in the nature, class trips, camping and caravans, contcerts


Pulga farmhouse is situated on the island of Saaremaa. The address is Pihtla parish, Nässuma village, Pulga farmhouse

We offer our guests accommodation and various holiday and relaxation possibilities. One can have a choice to stay overnight in a room with all the modern coveniences or maybe stay overnight in a renovated old storehouse premises.

We also provide families their own holiday apartment, that has a kitchen with all the facilities and adjoining dining room.

Pulga farmhouse has on their premises large rooms that are fit for hosting a wedding or a workshop. For visitors we can organize hikes in the nature

On the spot you have the possibility to get acquainted with our Icelandic breed of sheep and Hereford breed of cattle

Our address is Pulga Farmhouse, Pihtla Parish, Nässuma village, Saaremaa

Our telephone 372 5134457, e-mail eve@cavere.ee



Some of the finest fishing places are nearby our farmhouse

You have a possibility to rent a boat and, we will organize a fishing trip just for you.


In cooperation with the hunting agencies of Saaremaa, we organize hunting trips.

Hiking in the nature

Meeting with half-natural communities. Sea hikes.

Class trips

We provide outdoor activities for school children, starting from educational tours to meeting our livestock.

Camping and caravans

We kindly welcome travellers and tourists who would enjoy camping in the beautiful nature of Saaremaa.

You can rent a spot for a tent in the Pulga farmhouse premises that will be shown to you by the owner.

For caravans there is a special place to park and where you can use electricity

The price for a spot for a tent : 9.00€/day

It incudes the possibilty to use a bathroom and a shower.

Breakfast can be ordered from our reception. The cost of breakfast is 7.00€ per person.

The cost of caravan : 20.00€/day, the price contains the possibilty to use bathroom and shower.


Pulga Holiday complex is a great place where to organize events. We have a big yard and a stage on the premises where you can organize different sport games, performances or concerts. When organizing your event, you have a choice to bring along your own band and partyplanners, but we can always help you in organizational matters or even plan the event for you.
One of the most popular events has been a tour to see Nässuma lighthouse.
During the hiking tour (2,5- 4 hours) you also have the possibility to see our friendly livestock, that consists of Icelandic breed of sheep and Hereford breed of cattle.
We also provide picnic events
With a smaller group of people there is a possibilty to have a tour with an off-road vehicle that fits 6 people and the length of the hike is 1,5-2 hours.

Price list: includes 20% taxes)
Up to 6 people with ORV - 35€/hour
Up to 20 people on foot - 30€/hour
Over 20 people on foot - 35€/hour
The prices contain food that you can feed to the livestock.

There are 2 saunas in Pulga Farmhouse.
The bigger one is a Finnish sauna that is situated in a separate sauna house. In the house there is also a resting room and a kitchen and it fits up to 20 people. 10 people can go into the Finnish sauna at the same time. There is also a cold-water pool there.
The smaller infrared sauna fits 4 people.
The cost for the first hour in the Finnish sauna is 50€ and for the next started hour 25€,
The cost for the first hour in the infrared sauna is 20€ and for the next started hour 15€

Pulga Holiday House works most of the year only on reservation.
We can discuss the prices after you send us the information and wishes.
Please send the inquiry to e-mail address: eve@cavere.ee


Pulga Holiday House is a beautiful housing complex in Saaremaa with reed roofs and old stone walls with premises hosting company parties, anniversaries or other events. We can provide you with a large party hall, accommodation, sauna, stage, barbeque kitchen and a beautiful and wide yard. There is also a private bar room where you can sit and watch television. We provide our guests with free wifi in the hall and bar. Our accommodations are very modern and comfortable.

For hosting a wedding we have a 120m2 hall, that is perfect for 75 people. The hall has chairs and tables. The kitchen of Pulga Holiday House will provide your guests with astonishing meals but if you prefer, you can also order your own catering service.

When placing an order with us we can offer a selection of three different menus with 3 different price ranges to help you choose.

Our main priority when constructing a menu is that when your guests sit around the table, will have their stomachs full of good meals.

If there is anything special you would like, we will take care of it. When ordering alcoholic beverages, we would like to know your preferences about the brands, so we can make an offer, and you will be charged only by the amount of bottles your guests drink. You can also order this service from the catering, and in that case you will be charged only for the use of cooler. When the weather is fine, your party will be organizedoutdoors. In case of bad weather, indoors. We will do everything to make your day special and memorable even years after.

Pulga Holiday House works most of the year only on reservation. And we can tell you the prices after you send us the inquiry. Our phone is +372 51344754


You can organize different workshops or classes with us. Our hall fits up to 90 people and the round table fits up to 65 persons. Tables and chairs will be placed according to the amount of people so everybody is comfortable and has a nice view on the performers. You can also relax outdoors and have a nice walk in our garden.

We offer full service:
Catering, coffee pauses, sauna evenings with massage (bookings in advance) and accommodation.

Hall rent prices:
Up to 20 people: 30€/hour
Up to 50 people: 35€/hour
Up to 90 people: 40€/hour

Hall prices include wifi, video projector, writing board and a screen.

We request you send us the catering inquiry to eve@cavere.ee
Pulga Holiday House works most of the year only on reservation. And we can tell you the prices after you send us the inquiry.
Please send the inquiry to e-mail address: eve@cavere.ee


We have a stage for events. It has modern lighting and is suitable for choirs and bands.


Accommodation in Pulga Farmhouse

We provide our guests rooms with all the modern conveniences and also one can choose some simpler solutions.

The sauna house that fits 15 people, can be rented separately. In so called sauna house are three rooms , wood-heated sauna, and a restroom with a kitchen and a fireplace.

In the main building there are comfortable rooms, reception and a room for workshops.

All the rooms can be rented separately.

Also, you can rent only the sauna

The old renovated storehouse accommodation area fits 7 people. We also have a so called separate Party House with a kitchen and a hall, for hosting parties and other events, big or small.


Ilus, hubane ja avar koht. Meeldis absoluutselt kõik, teinekord peatuksime seal. Eriti sõbralik ja hooliv pererahvas.

Anonüümne (Estonia)

Great hostess, nice combining of old traditions and luxurious details in the interior. Simple but nice breakfast. Liked the spaciousness and evening BBQ under the stars.

Siim (Estonia)

Extremely friendly hosts and a nice breakfast for 5e/person. The whole farm is built and refurbished with good taste and high quality materials. Nice selection of local beers. Sutu bay has a nice beach for swimming. If I had big family reunion or a corporate party, this place would be ideal to rent for 20-40 people.

Antton (Finland)


Nässuma küla, Pihtla vald